vinith merry christmas

19 Dec Merry Christmas

We Wish You A Merry Christmas - YouTube Christmas meaning Christ's Mass is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The first time the birth of Jesus Christ was attributed to the date December 25 was in the 4th century, according to early Roman...

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Now Facebook Allows Images In Comments

19 Jun Now Facebook Allows Images In Comments

Lastly, Facebook is making a change that everyone can believe the fact is an enhancement. On Wed, the online community included a little photographic camera key on its opinion containers, enabling customers to place images straight into feedback. Before, customers were compelled to duplicate hyperlinks...

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Wordpress Developer in Chennai

03 Mar WordPress Developer in Chennai

Wordpress Developer in chennai WordPress is one of the most versatile and rampantly used writing weblog software available on the web. Obviously, WordPress has become most popular nowadays because of its easy Customer User interface, the likelihood of a variety of styles and a extensive list...

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Yahoo Chat Room Closed

17 Dec Yahoo Chat Room Closed

Yahoo will discontinue several product features like its Messenger public chat rooms, Pingbox, voice phone service, and will no longer support Messenger's interoperability with Microsoft Windows Live.According to Yahoo, Yahoo Chat Room Closed - it will discontinue some of the most popular products as per...

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27 Sep Google 14th birthday

Happy Birthday Google  Google celebrating their 14th birthday (Sep 27, 2012) - We wish Google a happy birthday, this year google celebrates by turning 14 with an animated Doodle bearing “Google”. The rectangular chocolate cakes along with 14 candles with animation of were cakes eaten away...

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LinkedIn Account Passwords Hacked

14 Sep LinkedIn Account Passwords Hacked

Vicente Silveira, Director at LinkedIn, confirmed that LinkedIn Security professionals suspected that the business-focused social network LinkedIn suffer a major infringe of its password database. Recently, a file containing 6.5million encrypted passwords was published on a Russian hackers’ web forum.According to technology experts, around six...

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31 Dec Social Networking Shoes

[gallery]Lumen Bigott - graphic designer, marketer and photographer has fashioned a collection of interesting Social Networking Shoes. This collection will appeal to clear today's youth that no longer visualize life without the Internet and social networks. There are shoes for every taste: Facebook, Twitter, Google,...

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